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Meet Drue Williams Jr

Meet Drue Williams Jr

Drue Williams was born in Cleveland Ohio. At the age of 9 Drue began playing the bass guitar by hanging around his father’s gospel quartet group named the “Ohio Silvertones”. Drue’s father would occasionally let him play 1 or 2 songs during small church programs. Drue continued to pursue his love for the bass guitar and by age 11 he became the Ohio Silvertones fulltime bass guitar player. Drue’s musical career took a major jump when one of his friends introduced him to the music of bassist Stanley Clarke.

Drue admired Stanley’s music and began studying it day and night. He also began studying other great bass players such as Joco Pastorios, Larry Graham, and others. Drue eventually began to play jazz, fusion, funk R&B, etc. Drue soon became one of Cleveland’s most exciting bass players. He later left Cleveland and moved to Maryland and began to play in church. It didn’t take long for the word to get around of Drue’s inspiring bass playing. After playing with many gospel groups and choirs, Drue began to work on a solo CD which featured his great gift of playing grooves and solo melodies. His son, Isaiah, was only 4 at this time but he was playing drums at a level unheard of for a 4-year-old. Drue never finished his solo project; instead he turned all of his attention to the development on his son. Drue would spend the next 7 years successfully promoting, managing, and touring with the Isaiah Williams Project. The Isaiah Williams Project performed around the country including The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in his hometown Cleveland, Ohio, BB Kings House of Blues in New York City, and many more great concert halls and special events.

One of Drue’s most memorable performances was at the summer NAMM in Nashville TN and winter NAMM shows in Anaheim, California. Drue has also produce and recorded with Grammy award winner Victor Wooten, Roy (Futureman) Wooten and Jeff Coffin on The Isaiah Williams Project debut CD. Drue never lost touch with his gospel roots. Drue has wrote and recorded songs on a few church projects and has also served as the Minister of Music around the Virginia area.

Drue’s background as a carpenter/cabinet maker was very helpful with him designing and building his own brand of bass guitar cabinets. Boom Bass Cabinets (BBC). Combined with being first a musician and a cabinet maker Drue has developed the skills and understanding of what it takes to build a solid speaker cabinet that meets the need of the professional and has the durability for the local working musician alike.

Drue has now released his first solo single and video project titled: “GRACEFUL WATERS”
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